Pfalz Pölka Dot Riesling 2011

A little history lesson

The Riesling grape is a white grape which hales from Rhine, Germany. The grapes’  history dates it as far back as 1435, according to the English translated page of the Count of Katzenelnbogen  (German website). Riesling, Wikipedia’s listing, gives alternative sources which claim hold to the grape’s emergence, but Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany  is the one with the written history.

Riesling grapes are a white grape; and acidic, with a perfumed odor. Grown in the Pfalz or Palatinate (wine region) of Germany, Riesling grapes are one of the three highest rated grapes used in wine production because they are plucked from the vine at a young age.


On to the tasting!

Pfalz Pölka Dot Riesling 2011 is a white wine which is sweet, acidic, and perfumed. The label reads, “…flavors and aromas of tangerine and lime with hints of peach and honeysuckle.” Honestly, I could taste nothing but the alcohol, but that is because I rarely drink…which, for this blog, is funny when you think about it since I will be doing wine tastings!

Alcoholic content is 10.5%, which is a low ABV (alcohol by volume) level. This is a good wine paired with chicken or fish, or with spicy dishes.

Have a bite of food, a sip of wine to mingle the flavors, and repeat. lists Pfalz Pölka Dot Riesling 2011 at $11.99, and is currently sold out as of this writing, so check back with them, or check your local stores for availability.

Happy Tasting!

Not a drop in my glass

After an all nighter making sure I had all of my blogs and images downloaded from the my.opera community, I’m pretty sure a glass of wine would probably knock me right out. I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking anyhow, but there is a bottle of Reisling Pölka Dot wine on the counter.

I bought it last week, and haven’t even popped the cork! That in itself is a shame, because I was planning on enjoying it with the fish I had Friday night. Now it’s Sunday, and instead of having a glass of wine, I’m swapping sips of cold black coffee with water. Boring, I tell ya! lol

I am going to use this blog to track my rather large to do list throughout the year, and will share my planner, the wines I try out, and maybe, I’ll even introduce you to the beauty that is creating your own wine.

Stay tuned!